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Pure white sugar is the main product of the normal refining process. The crystals are medium-sized and sparkling white, visible proof of being more than 99% pure. The sugar is one of the purest foods used by man and can be stored indefinitely. It is low in cost and is used in a wide range of food and drink recipes.


Pure white castor sugar is screened sugar, and dissolves more quickly than granulated sugar because the grains are fine. It can be used to give lightness to all creamed cake and pudding mixtures. Use Castor Sugar to achieve well-textured meringues.


Pure white icing sugar (known as Confectioner’s or Powdered Sugar in America) is finely milled sugar containing approximately 3% cornflour which acts as an anti-caking agent to give a smooth professional finish to confectionery.


Unrefined golden brown sugar Otherwise known as raw sugar, this creamy golden coloured dry and free-flowing sugar retains the subtle buttery flavour of natural cane juice. Increasingly used in place of white sugar it is ideal for coffee, cereals, baking and traditional beer brewing.


Plantation select Is an unrefined pale gold dry and free flowing lightly washed and specially selected brown sugar to give subtle sweetness without changing flavour.

Demerara Is an unrefined sticky golden brown sugar blended with a rich treacle syrup to give a crunchy aromatic flavour and distinct full bodied taste. Great for sprinkled toppings on dishes which might otherwise have a uniform texture. Is good cooking sugar made from raw sugar to which molasses is added. This is the nearest South African equivalent to Demerara Sugar which originates from Demerara in Guyana.

Muscovado Is an unrefined sticky dark brown sugar blended with an inverted brown sugar caramel syrup bo tive an exotic nutty flavour with a sensual moist consistency. Is a blend of caramel (also made from sugar) and raw sugar. It is free-flowing and therefore a good sprinkling sugar. Used as a baking sugar to improve the colour of microwave cookery.

Sweetening Power Sugar can bring out the best in foods. A meat dish sprinkled with sugar before grilling of frying can be extra good. It improves salads and other dishes. Brown sugar sprinkled over pumpkin is delicious. Sugar helps to camouflage bitter or other unpleasant tastes of some foods and therefore helps to make such foods more palatable.