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Quality Sugars (Pty) Ltd, a majority-owned subsidiary of RCL Foods Sugar and Milling (Pty) Ltd − Sugar, is the logistics and marketing arm of the business. It manages and oversees the entire process of moving the sugars from silos and storage facilities to its packaging plants and ultimately to the consumer. Advertising and marketing campaigns have made Selati a firm favourite that resonates with South African consumers.

Quality Sugars operates out of Midrand in Johannesburg, the commercial epicentre
of South Africa.


Adding value

Quality Sugars adds value to the Selati brand through well-strategised, targeted advertising using national media. Because of this, Selati – and its iconic pack – has become one of the top ten most recognised household names in South Africa as well as the No.1 brown sugar brand.

Service relationships and quality

Quality Sugars is a major supplier of both Selati and house brands to most of the nation’s leading food retailers and other bulk sugar buyers. Therefore it is imperative that we maintain and exceed the stringent quality guidelines set by the various regulatory bodies.

Quality Sugars is subject to a series of customer and regulator quality control audits on an ongoing basis. To further enhance the relationship, Quality Sugars visits its customers regularly to ensure service levels are maintained and expectations are met.

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Serving a growing market

In a commoditised market where the opportunities for category differentiation are low,
it is important for consumers to have trust in the Selati brand.

Due to its uncompromising ethics, consistent messaging and high product standards,
the equity of the Selati brand has played an increasingly important role in gaining market share across South Africa.