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RCL Foods Sugar and Milling (Pty) Ltd − Sugar builds a reputation over the years for the supplying
of high quality products to our customers. Our mills are accredited with the ISO 9001:2008
Quality Management System.

Supplying a food safe product, produced under hygienic conditions, is also a top priority.
Our packaging operations are certified with the international Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI),
FSSC 22 000 scheme by the SABS. The FSSC 22 000 scheme consist of the ISO 22000:2005
(Food Safety Management Standard) and ISO /TS 2001-2:2009 (Prerequisite Programmes on
Food Safety) and other requirements.

Audit/Quality Management System
Benefits to Customers/Consumers
  1. Forces organisations to focus on how they do business – becomes the springboard for Continuous Improvement
  2. Documented processes improve efficiency that reduces the cost of quality
  3. The development of solid Corrective and Preventative measures
  4. Customer/Consumer satisfaction and confidence through being a pro-active, preventative organisationv
  5. Increased employee participation in reducing risk
  6. Better products and services
  7. Fosters the understanding of quality and food safety
  8. Productivity Improvement
  9. Improved communications both internally and externally
Certification issued by the Boards, which is an assurance
that a particular product has been thoroughly
investigated and found to conform to Dietry Laws and
therefore is suitable for consumption