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Non-Nutritive Sweeteners

It’s a universally accepted fact that the growing trend around the world is towards health and wellbeing. However, this doesn’t
preclude the fact that demanding taste-buds still crave the taste of sweetness. Selati Sucralose low kiloJoule sweeteners have
been designed with this in mind.

Non-caloric, with the clean sweet mouth feel of sugar and none of the synthetic taste of aspartame, our Swiss-formulated GI
Foundation and Diabetes SA-endorsed sweetener has now been proved by research to satisfy the two most important consumer
requirements – non-synthetic taste and good value.

With 95% less calories and no bitter aftertaste, Selati Sucralose sweeteners present a wider range of responsible food choices for
adults, children of all ages and even pregnant and nursing mothers as part of a healthier eating plan.

  • Trusted Swiss formula
  • 95% Less KiloJoules/Calories
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Discreet, convenient pocket pack
  • Hygienic table-top sachets
  • Endorsed by the Diabetes South Africa Foudation and the GI Foundation