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Cape Malay Milk Pudding

Cape Malay Milk Pudding

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Recipe by Keletso Motau


Milk Custard:
• 1l Milk
• 2 tbs Butter
• 1 Cinnamon stick
• 80ml flour
• 80ml corn starch
• pinch of Salt
• 125ml milk
• 200ml Sugar
• 3 eggs
• 5ml Vanilla extract

Rooibos and Naartjie Jelly:
• 250ml of strongly brewed rooibos tea
• 1 tbs sugar
• juice of 2 Naartjies and peal
• 3 cm pealed fresh ginger
• 30ml gelatine powder

Spiced Crumb Topping
• 200g plain flour
• 75g brown sugar
• ½ ground cumin
• ½ ground coriander
• ¼ ground cardamom
• ¼ ground cinnamon
• ½ curry powder
• pinch of turmeric
• 100g chilled Butter
• 50g chopped almonds
• 20g coconut flakes
• 30g chopped pecan nuts


Method for custard:
• Put 1l milk, Butter and cinnamon stick in pot and gently heat.
• Mix all dry ingredients with eggs, vanilla and 125ml milk very well.
• Once milk starts to simmer turn heat to lowest setting and add egg mixture in while stirring.
• It will start to thicken, then turn off heat and pour into serving glasses and chill.

Method for naartjie jelly:
• Sponge gelatine powder in 100ml of cool tea for about 5min.
• Heat rest of tea with naartjie peal, ginger and sugar and stir until sugar is melted, then mix in sponged gelatine.
• Remove peal and ginger and add juice to the tea mixture.
• Allow to cool completely before pouring over milk custard mixture and setting overnight.

Method for crust:
• Mix flour, sugar and spices together.
• Add butter and rub into dry mix until it resembles chunky crumbs.
• Add in the rest of the ingredients and fold in.
• Bake at 180C on greased baking tray until golden brown then cool completely and top custard and jelly.