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Cinnamon Palmiers with Strawberry Mascarpone Semi Freddo

Cinnamon Palmiers with Strawberry Mascarpone Semi Freddo

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Recipe by Angie Boyd


• 1 roll puff pastry
• Melted butter
• 250ml Selati Castor Snow
• 15ml Ground cinnamon

• 1 tub mascarpone cheese
• 250ml fresh cream
• 150g Selati castor Snow
• 150g fresh strawberries
• 20ml orange liqueur
• 2 egg whites


• Combine the sugar and the cinnamon pour about half of it over a flat surface such as a wooden board or marble slab. Unfold the sheet of puff pastry onto the sugar mixture.
• Sprinkle the remaining sugar/cinnamon mixture over the pastry and spread it evenly on the puff pastry.
• With a rolling pin, lightly roll the dough until the sugar is pressed into the puff pastry on top and bottom.
• Now roll up one side of the pastry (swiss roll style) into the centre of the square. Roll up the other side so that the two rolls meet in the middle. Chill the roll for about 10 minutes until firm.
• Cut the roll into even slices of about 1/2cm in thickness. Dip each slice into a little of the remaining castor sugar mix and then place on baking sheets lined with parchment paper.
• Bake the palmiers for 6 minutes, or until caramelized and brown on the bottom, then turn with a spatula and bake for another 3 to 5 minutes, until caramelized on the other side. Transfer to a baking rack to cool. Serve with a bowl of semi-freddo for dipping

• Place ½ the strawberries and ½ the castor sugar into a pot and set over a medium heat. Cook gently until the strawberries are soft and syrupy. Remove and blend until smooth. Set aside to cool.
• Slice the remaining strawberries into bite-sized pieces and soak in the orange liqueur.
• Place the mascarpone and cream into a large bowl and stir until smooth. Take care not to over-mix as the mascarpone splits quite easily – you just want to ensure a smooth, slightly thickened mixture.
• In another clean bowl, whisk the egg whites and other ½ of the castor sugar together until stiff peak stage.
• Stir the cooled, blended strawberry puree and the chopped strawberries into the cream mixture.
• Lastly, fold the egg whites gently into the mixture.
• Place into the freezer to chill until just starting to freeze. The mixture should be softly frozen.