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Cocktails Example

Cocktails Example

  • Cooking Time
    45 min
  • Difficulty
  • Serves

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Choux Paste – For Profiteroles • 250ml water • Pinch salt • Pinch sugar • 100g butter • 125g sifted flour • 3 beaten eggs


Choux Paste – For Profiteroles• Pre-heat the oven to 200°C • Prepare a baking tray with baking paper and set aside. • Prepare a piping bag with a round nozzle and set aside. • Sift the flour and set aside. • In a medium sized pot bring the butter, water, sugar and salt up to boiling point. • Immediately add the flour all at once and stir firmly until the mixture pulls away from the sides of the pot. • Cool the mixture down and beat the eggs into it gradually. Ensure that each addition of the eggs is thoroughly incorporated. • Fill your piping bag with the mixture and pipe rounds about 2cm apart. The profiteroles will puff up beautifully. • Use the back of a damp spoon to gently press down the protruding mixture. • Bake at 200°C until puffed and golden. 15-20min. • When you remove the profiteroles from the oven use a small knife to make an incision in the base – this allows the steam to escape. Crème Patissiere • In a medium sized pot heat the milk, cream, vanilla, coffee, and 30g of sugar until bubbles appear. • Whisk all the egg and the rest of the sugar until thick. • Sift in the cornflour. • Pour half of the boiled flavoured milk onto the egg and sugar mix. This allows the egg to adjust to the temperature. • Once combined add the remaining milk mixture. • Place the entire mixture into a clean pot and stir continuously until thick. • Once the mixture is thick, place it in a clean bowl with cling wrap on the surface (this prevents a skin from forming) and place it in the fridge to cool completely. Assembling: • Fill a piping bag with the cooled crème patissiere, and gently fill the profiteroles via the incision previously made. • Brush the tops of the profiteroles with egg white and dip the surface in caster sugar. • Using a blow torch brulee the sugar until melted – the sugar will harden to form the wonderful surface which the traditional crème brulee is known for. • Placing them back in the oven under a grill is not recommended as the crème patissiere might overcook.