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Festive Cherry Tarts

Festive Cherry Tarts

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Recipe by Grace Stevens


250g Selati castor snow
125ml water
125ml cream
125g butter
1 sheet of puff pastry
500g cherries, destoned
Melted butter for brushing tart dishes


Preheat oven to 220ºC.
Brush butter over 6 individual flan tins
In a saucepan, combine sugar and water and bring to the boil. Do not stir.
When liquid turns to a caramel colour, remove from the heat.
Add the cream and butter and whisk well.
Prepare pastry cases by cutting circles of puff pastry and lining each tin.
Divide the cherries amongst the tins and pour the caramel over the fruit.
Bake for 15 minutes until edges of the pastry are lightly browned.
Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.