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Homemade Rose water

Homemade Rose water

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• 1 large pot with tight-fitting lid
• 1 brick covered in foil
• 2 large handfuls of rose petals
• Water
• 1 heat-proof bowl
• 500g Ice

Crystalized rose petals
• 4 fresh roses, petals separated
• 2 egg whites, lightly beaten
• Selati castor snow


1. Place the brick in the centre of the pot.
2. Sprinkle the rose petals around the brick to cover the base of the pot.
3. Add enough water to the pot to cover the rose petals then put the pot on the heat to simmer.
4. Once the pot simmers, place the lid on the pot upside down then place the ice onto the upside down lid.
5. Once the ice is completely melted, turn the heat off.
6. Peak inside the pot every now and then to make sure that the petals aren’t boiling dry.
7. The liquid that collects in the dish is the rosewater.
8. You can keep the rosewater in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 1 month.

Crystalized rose petals
1. Dip each petal into the egg whites, then into the castor sugar.
2. Leave on a cooling rock to dry for about 1 hour.
Tip: You can also dip whole roses in the egg whites then into the sugar to get crystalized edges on the roses.