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Unrefined Golden Brown Sugar

Selati products are easily recognised by the Brand’s distinctive red ‘rising sun’ motif, symbolizing
its origins in Mpumalanga (the place where the sun rises).

It has become a firm favourite with its consumers, whose loyalty to the unbleached environmentally
friendly brown paper packaging and handy ‘cut-and-pour’ spout for the white sugar packets has increased
exponentially over the years.

Whilst the clear, strong, re-sealable recyclable packaging for the range of unrefined brown sugars have
been instrumental in growing Selati into South Africa’s #1 brown sugar Brand

POL> 99,9%
Moisture %< 0,10
ICUMSA 420 ColourAve 900
  • Recyclable LDPE.
  • Excellent moisture barrier to keep sugar fresh, dry, free-flowing and hygienic.
  • Impact resistant for convenient carrying.
  • Clear plastic allows consumers to see exactly what colour sugar they are buying.
  • Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is a dry, free-flowing sugar made from the finest quality sugar cane from the Onderberg Valley of Mpumalanga.
  • Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is 99,9% pure and contains no artificial additives.
  • Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is specially conditioned for a longer shelf life.
  • Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is a classic refined sugar, has slightly larger crystals allowing for gradual dissolving for perfect balance of taste improvement and sweetening for almost all food and drink.
  • Selati Pure White Cane Sugar is a naturally high energy food for the family that contains less than half the calories of an equal weight of fat.
  • Sugar section of store.
  • Cross merchandise with baking aid products.
  • Cross merchandise with home brew / yeast.
  • Mass display – alone or with flour/maize meal, ginger and traditional beer products.

Promotional Support

  • Impactful Point of Sale material.
  • Periodic Shopper promotions.

Marketing Support

  • Targeted ALS radio advertising.
  • Rural / urban outdoor advertising.
  • TSB sugar transport fleet.