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Rooibos and Orange Sparkler

Rooibos and Orange Sparkler

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Recipe by Zola Nene


½ orange, cut into chunks
2 tsp Selati sugar or Selati sweetener to taste
8 mint leaves
4 drops of bitters (optional)
4 Tbs Rooibos syrup**
500ml sparkling water
Orange slices to garnish


Place the orange slices into 2 tall glasses with Selati sugar or sweetener, mint and bitters if using.
Muddle the mixture until the sugar dissolves and the orange is crushed and releases its juice.
Stir in the rooibos syrup then fill glass with crushed ice.
Top up with sparkling water, garnish with extra slices of orange and serve with a stirrer.

**You can purchase a non-alcoholic rooibos syrup from supermarkets or bottle stores. If you wish to make your own, simmer together 1 cup water, with 1/2C sugar for 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and steep 4 teabags in the mixture – leave to cool completely before using in the recipe.

Rooibos and Orange Sparkler