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Whole Wheat Rusks

Whole Wheat Rusks

  • Cooking Time
    1hr 15min
  • Difficulty
  • Serves

By Grace Stevens


• 250g soft butter
• 190ml Selati Plantation Select Sugar
• 2 eggs
• 500g whole wheat flour
• 15ml baking powder
• 3ml salt
• 100g chopped walnuts
• 100g raisins
• 100g almond flour
• 100g crushed bran flakes
• 150ml milk
• 15ml lemon juice


• Preheat oven to 180ºC
• Grease a large rectangular cake tin
• Add lemon juice to milk. It will curdle, this is fine.
• Beat butter, sugar and eggs together in a large bowl.
• Add dry ingredients and mix well.
• Add milk and combine well.
• Press into baking tin and level well.
• Cut into rusks sizes before baking for 30-40 minutes until brown.
• Remove from oven. Allow to cool.
• Break into rusks and dry out overnight in oven at 60ºC